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Octopus Catamaran Trips

Join one of our famous catamaran trips and explore the sea!
-Travel is the only thing you can buy, that will make you richer-

Special half day champagne brunch | $69,99  (-$7.00 online discount!)

7 days a week, 9:00 am to 12.00 pm 

Octopus Aruba says…
Imagine a unique sailing adventure in which you glide along Aruba’s beautiful coastline. The warm, clear, blue water of the Caribbean, paired with hundreds of species of tropical fish and coral, will be a feast for your eyes. If this sounds too good to be true, it’s not.

What a way to start the day! This smooth-riding Octopus trimaran trip is a real find. Our crew is known for their outstanding service and making you feel like family. Your day begins with a breakfast of freshly baked goodies, juice, and sparkling mimosas. You’ll sail to two of Aruba’s best snorkel stops with your experienced captain and crew. You will enjoy the freedom of sailing and discover the thrill of Aruba’s constant and soothing trade winds as you sail along the scenic coast.

Your first location is the famous wreck, “Antilla”, where you’ll spend about 45 minutes exploring. The Antilla, which sank more than 60 years ago, remains completely intact and is widely regarded as one of the best sunken shipwrecks in the caribbean. In the crystal clear water, she is an awesome sight to behold. Antilla, a popular shipwreck just off Aruba’s shores. Legend has it this 1939 German freighter likely carried supplies during WWII and was caught in Dutch waters following Germany’s invasion of Holland. The captain ordered the crew to open the valves and abandon ship rather than risk the ship falling into enemy hands. Explore the 400 foot Antilla along with a variety of colorful sea life including yellowtail snapper, green morays and southern stingrays. Keep an eye out for the possibility of a glimpse of a curious barracuda.

The next stop is in shallow waters of Catalina Bay you will brush up on your snorkeling skills as you spot angel fish, damsel fish and more swimming around sea fans and coral. Put on your snorkeling gear and descend under the crystal-clear turquoise waters and immediately find yourself transported into an underwater paradise. New to snorkeling? Not a problem! Your experienced captain and first mate will patiently work with you to make sure you have a safe and enjoyable experience.

After all that snorkeling, you’ll no doubt have worked up quite an appetite. We provide a delicious lunch features a fresh crusty French bread, topped with salad, cheese or meat and delicious tropical fruits…not to mention the open cocktail bar. A variety of drinks, from rum to whiskey, soda to iced tea, and more are available to satisfy your thirst. Your captain and crew will see to it that you have a wonderful day in Aruba.

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Afternoon delight sailing- snorkeling | $59,99 (-$6.00 online discount!)

7 days a week, 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm 

Octopus Aruba says…
If it’s a day in paradise you seek, your search is over.

With over 25 years of sailing experience, the captain and crew of the Octopus take great pride in the thrill of introducing delighted visitors to snorkeling and the relaxation of multi-hull sailing. There is plenty of room onboard so you can settle in and relax. We offer personalized service and attention–from snorkeling tips to special order meals–in order to create memories that will last a lifetime. On our afternoon trip we snorkel at “The German Freighter” and the second is “Catalina Bay”. THE BEST STOPS FOR SNORKELING!

If you snorkel, all of your gear will be provided for you. The crew will pass out the gear and show you how to use it. While in the water, you will experience the crystal clear, blue water of the Caribbean and the multitude of sea life at your own pace and leisure. You can see a variety of fish, coral, and even sponges in these waters! The clarity is good so bring your waterproof camera to capture the beauty. Whether you are a novice or an experienced snorkeler, the captain and crew are on hand to ensure that you have a safe and truly enjoyable time.

From the bay you will head to the Antilla, a popular shipwreck just off Aruba’s shores. Explore the 400 foot Antilla. This cargo ship was launched in 1939 and scuttled in 1940 when Germany invaded Holland during WWII.

Back on board, we’ll make our way to Catalina Bay for a bit more underwater exploration. The crystal clear water, only 8-10 feet deep, is ideal for viewing the colorful tropical marine life that inhabit Aruba’s aqua-colored wonderland. Many species of coral, including brain and star coral, and a diverse population of fish, including parrotfish and blue tangs, are some of the beautiful creatures you’ll most likely encounter. When you are finished with your time in the water, the crew will assist you back on the boat.

Get dried off and you will have a light lunch of fresh-baked crusty bread topped with cheese and meat as well as fresh tropical fruit while enjoying your sail through Aruba’s coastline back to Palm Beach. There is even an open cocktail bar serving cocktails prepared with rum, vodka, whiskey gin, Aruba Ariba, sodas, and water. The perfect way to spend your time in Aruba as you recline along the deck and take in the sea breezes as you, reluctantly, return to reality. Who could ask for a more relaxing afternoon? Your captain and crew will see to it that you have a wonderful day in Aruba.

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Happy hour sunset sail | $49,99 (-$5.00 online discount!)

7 days a week
March – October 5:00 pm to 7:00 pmOctober – March 4:30 pm to 6:30 pm

Octopus Aruba says…
Warm breezes, cool drinks, a beautiful catamaran, tropical music and an unbelieveably gorgeous sunset….who could want for anything more?

Octopus the only lounge boat on the island! Each relaxed seat has a view of the sea. Relax in comfortable cushions or on our lounge sofa. As you watch the sun melt into the horizon in a burst of multi-hued colors, sip on a delicious Octopus Cocktail, the ship’s spin on the famous Aruba Ariba and signature drink. Throughout the tour you will be treated to an open cocktail bar of unlimited sodas, fruit juices, rum punches and more. Enjoy the fresh fruits and snacks as well as fresh baked bread.

There’s something special about watching the sun set from the ocean. Add to that Aruba’s spectacular coastline and unique views of the California Lighthouse and you’ve got the perfect way to wind down your day. Make sure to have your camera ready to capture an unusual view of the landmark California Lighthouse, named after the steamship California who was wrecked nearby in 1891.

As we sail along the coast, you’ll enjoy an evening of serene beauty as the sun sets in all its glorious color. Revel in the beauty of the Caribbean Sea as the water changes from sparkling shades of aqua blue to the shimmering reflection of night. Sensational!

Experience the relaxation that comes at the end of the day with a sunset in style by reserving your spot on this special cruise now, book today before it sells out.

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– Where there is love there is life ”Octopus Aruba” –

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“My group and I did the 4 hour snorkling trip with the Octopus. Every part of this adventure was awesome and no stress. The crew was very nice. The boat was awesome and smooth sailing. The food was really good and hit the spot after snorkling and see tons of awesome fish. We love this so much we went back…”


“Just can not say enough about the people in this organization. They have all the heart and passion in everything they do. They were very helpful and engaging to everyone on the sunset cruise. I highly encourage people to sign on with this crew. Their friendly demeanor and willingness to answer questions made our sunset cruise most enjoyable!”


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