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Discover the Octopus Advantage: Unmatched Experiences for Your Caribbean Sailing Adventure

1. Exclusive Lounge Seating:
Octopus Aruba stands out as the only catamaran with luxurious lounge seats, offering unparalleled comfort and style for an exquisite sailing experience.

2. Premium Onboard Hospitality:
Indulge in a first-class experience with our attentive and professional crew, ensuring your comfort and satisfaction throughout the journey. From refreshing drinks to personalized service, we prioritize your enjoyment.

3. Personalized Service in Small Groups:
With a maximum capacity of 32 persons, Octopus Aruba emphasizes personalized service. Our small-group setting allows our attentive crew to cater to individual needs, creating a more personalized and memorable sailing adventure.

4. Unobstructed Ocean Views for All:
With Octopus Aruba, every guest enjoys a front-row seat to the breathtaking beauty of the sea. Our design ensures that everyone on board has uninterrupted views of the mesmerizing Caribbean waters.

5. Seamless Online Booking and Customer Support:
Planning your dream sailing trip is effortless with Octopus Aruba. Our user-friendly website,, offers a hassle-free booking process, making it easy for you to secure your spot on the catamaran. Our dedicated customer support team is ready to assist, ensuring a smooth booking process and addressing any inquiries you may have.

6. Tailored Adventures for Every Occasion:
Whether it’s a romantic sunset cruise, a lively celebration with friends, or a family-friendly day at sea, Octopus Aruba caters to diverse preferences, ensuring a customized and memorable experience for every guest.

7. Professional Photography Services:
Capture the magic of your sailing experience with professional onboard photography services. Document your moments at sea and take home lasting memories of your time with Octopus Aruba.

8. Exclusivity and Tranquility:
Octopus Aruba prides itself on offering an exclusive and tranquil sailing experience. Escape the hustle and bustle as you sail in a serene setting, away from crowded tourist spots, making every moment on board truly special.

9. Sustainable Sailing Experience:
Octopus Aruba is committed to eco-friendly practices. Our catamaran is designed with sustainability in mind, allowing guests to enjoy the beauty of the Caribbean while minimizing environmental impact.

10. Culinary Excellence Onboard:
Elevate your sailing adventure with Octopus Aruba’s culinary excellence. Savor our delightful selection of appetizers. carefully curated to enhance your overall experience on the water.

We help you create memories that last a lifetime!

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5 Reasons Why Our Catamaran Sailing Tours are the Best in the Caribbean

If you want to see the most beautiful things in the Caribbean. You’ll have to get out on the water and see it all with your own eyes.

Snorkeling and island hopping are two of the top activities you can enjoy while doing just that. But when you combine these activities with sunset sailing Aruba. You can experience an extraordinary treat unlike anything else.

Here are five reasons why the catamaran sailing tours of Octopus Aruba are the best in the Caribbean!

1) We Are Charter-Based

Unlike some other tour companies, we have no set schedule. This allows us also to give our guests an experience that is customized for them and their needs. We can adjust for wind conditions and weather and even offer different tours based on passenger requests! With advance notice, we can also add one-of-kind experiences such as stand up paddle boarding.

Visiting uninhabited islands or stop by a hidden beach cove. And unlike many other companies that just pick you up at your hotel, our guides will come to you! Whether it’s a Sunset Sailing Experience or Private Charter, expect impeccable service and be blown away by our 5 star customer service.

You’ll experience personalized attention along with tons of fun and adventure with you new friends from Sunset Sail Aruba!

2) We Stay Small

Being a small family-owned and operated business means we can offer a more personalized experience to each of our customers. We’re proud to be able to create close bonds with all of our guests. And we know that these connections will continue long after your sailing trip is over.

You won’t just book a trip with us, you’ll become part of our crew! This is why so many return year after year, and refer friends and family members as well. We keep things small intentionally – for personal service, for repeat customers, and because it’s just how we like it.

When you choose Private Sailing Aruba as your captain, you get everything mentioned above the greatest value at sea!

3) We Have the Best Guides

Our captain and crew will be with you every step of your tour, teaching you everything you want to know about sailing and snorkeling. He teach you while providing a fun, engaging atmosphere on board. They’re knowledgeable, accommodating and respectful of all abilities.

And when it comes time for cocktails? The crew knows just what to do. Booking a Sunset Sailing Aruba experience with us guarantees that our team is at your service from start to finish.

Their attentiveness sets us apart from other catamaran operators – take advantage of it!

We can’t wait to show you why we’re voted #1 again & again by TripAdvisor travelers.

On board an open sea adventure on sunny or moonlit nights!

4) Our Prices are Competitive

At Private boat rental Aruba, we know that it’s important to provide people with a variety of tour options. We work very hard these days to ensure that our prices remain competitive. So you can have a memorable experience on your trip.

You will find that some snorkeling tours cost more than ours and some sailing tours cost les. But we hope you’ll choose us for our unique combination of private boat, captain and crew.

Each beautifull tour is led by one of our friendly captains who are passionate about sharing their passion for Aruba with visitors from around the world.

In addition to sailing or snorkeling, they share details about Island life and even point out things you might otherwise miss as they describe what makes Aruba so special.

5) We Offer Incentives for Group Travelers

Aruba is renowned for its beautiful beaches, swaying palm trees and exotic cocktails. But what many don’t know is that Aruba also has some of the most breathtaking sailing tours!

With our group incentives we can offer you some pretty cool incentives when traveling as a group to Aruba. Whether it’s time out on our private catamarans or sunset dinner sail, your guests will love these fun-filled activities.

The benefits of bringing a group to Aruba couldn’t be more apparent than they are here at Private Boat Aruba, and while you may already be planning your trip to experience one of our beautiful sailing tours. Keep reading to find out why your group will want to choose us as their preferred travel agency partner!