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Our boat tours are not overcrowded. We are licensed to carry 46 but restrict to a maximum of 34 adults and keep an average of 20 passengers. Travel the Caribbean sea with plenty of space and more comfort than other companies. We have taken every measure to offer a safe environment for employees and our beloved guests.

Aruba Health & Happiness Code certification

Octopus equals quality

  • Outstanding service where even the unexpressed wishes will be fulfilled

  • Lounge seats with Sea view for everyone

  • High quality food & drinks on board

  • Snorkeling tours with underwater scooters if requested

  • Family friendly and fun for all ages

  • An enthusiastic team that will treat you like family

Rent your own Aqua Donut Boat

  • Private boat ride for an normal price

  • Easy to operate, so you don’t need a captain

  • Fantastic for every composition (family or honeymoon etc.)

  • Order your favorite drinks and snacks in advance

  • Make a snorkel or swim stop whenever you like

  • Choose your own desired departure time

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Receive 10% discount, use promo code happy2022 (not applicable for private trips).

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We help you create memories that last a lifetime!

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