About us


Once upon a time, not so long ago, on a paradise island, a fairy tale took place. We would love to tell you about this fairy tale.

After a beautiful vacation on the one happy island of Aruba he was sure. This is the Island where he wanted to build a future, where he wanted to live. The sun, the turquoise water of the Caribbean Sea, the local people and the good vibes were like a dream to him. So, he thought: ‘let’s make this dream come true, but how?’ For his current job in the Netherlands he was assigned with the task of organizing a team building activity, that’s when he stumbled upon the Aqua Donut Boat. A round boat that floats easily through the water, that you could rent for your friends or family for a relaxed day. It was not ideal for his team building activity, but all he could think of when he saw the Donut Boat was Aruba, and what these little round boats would look like on the crystal blue Caribbean sea. It was as if a light bulb switched on, the idea of these Aqua Donut Boats never left his mind.

An Catamaran called Octopus Aruba

After months of thinking about it, even flying to Aruba a couple of times to check out the possibilities, he was sure. This was something he was determined to do, he was going to make his dream come true. With these little boats he could start a company and build the life on Aruba that he always dreamed of. But starting a company is not as easy as it seems, you need money and patience, as building it from scratch takes a lot of time. His enthusiasm made him unstoppable, but even with enthusiasm the hardship of starting the company almost made him give up. When all of a sudden, in the right place at the right time he got a phone call about Octopus Aruba. Somebody had placed their beach hut with a Catamaran on the market.

Jethro the original Octopus founder

Jethro, the owner of the beautiful company ‘Octopus’, was putting up his company up for sale with a heavy heart, as his health and losing his business partner made it hard to maintain. This was a match made in heaven for the both of them. Ricardo, the Dutch man with a dream was eager to buy the company but he could use the help and knowledge of a local with sailing experience. Jethro, the original founder of Octopus had that knowledge and by selling his company, made Ricardo’s dream come true. With the help of his whole family, his brothers, his parents, a family friend, aunt and uncle he bought the company from Jethro. Jethro still works as a captain on the Octopus Catamaran until today. Since then, a lot has changed. Octopus has expanded its business with the rental of Aqua Donut Boats and is a thriving family business today. Last year the whole catamaran has been renovated and lounge seats with sea-view were added to the catamaran.

Our dream is now your dream

A company that made the dream of a Dutch man come true and is now a company that makes the dreams of tourists come true. Octopus will always be a lifetime memory for Jethro and the Dutch family and every day they are happy to pass that lifetime memory to their guests by showing them the beauty of Aruba. At Octopus, we treat every customer like they are a family friend just like Octopus treated us like family from the very beginning.

We hope we can get to know you during one of our experiences, just as you got to know us by reading this fairy tale.
Thank you for your interest in us and we are looking forward to meeting you soon.

The Octopus Family.

Octopus Aruba Captain
Octopus Aruba captain sailboat
Crew Octopus Aruba
Octopus Aruba Crew
Octopus Aruba Staff food and beverage
Ricardo Mosch Owner Octopus Aruba

Mission & vision.


For us, Octopus Aruba, is genuine care and comfort for the guests our highest mission. That’s why we pledged to provide the highest quality service and experience. We make that happen by treating every customer as a friend, where we fulfill even the unexpressed wishes and needs of our guests. In that way we wish to give a memory for a lifetime, just like having this company is a lifetime memory for us.


We were the family with a dream, now we are the family that makes your vacations dream come true. With an young and enthusiastic staff we want to provide the most exclusive water experience on the island for an affordable price. Where every customer is treated like a friend and becomes a friend of Octopus.

People don’t take trips, trips take people

Octopus Aruba Captain and Crew
Octopus Aruba Crew
Crew Octopus Aruba