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Octopus Aruba is bringing a whole new brunch experience

Experience a delicious and romantic private brunch on the Caribbean Sea. The speedboat trip and snorkeling add to the excitement and adventure. Book this unique experience with Octopus Aruba.

Private brunch at the best table at sea

Looking for a unique surprise for your loved one? Something tasteful, romantic and adventurous at the same time? Then you will love this private brunch at sea! Read about what will surely become the highlight of your vacation in Aruba.

Most romantic setting for a delicious brunch

Imagine a table set at sea for just the two of you. A table with the best possible view: the turquoise Caribbean water glistening in the sun and the beautiful coastline of Aruba in the background. With only the sound of the wind and some soft romantic music, you’ll find yourselves immersed in your own little private island. In this exclusive setting, we serve you a tasteful American brunch with fresh 1x orange juice, Scrambled egg with bacon, Sausage, Pastechi ham and cheese and 2 x Pistolet with jam and butter. Let us know your preferences in advance, and we’ll be sure to add your favorite delicacies.

Arrive in style by speedboat

For a brunch this unique, you simply have to arrive in style. That’s why we deliver you to your table by speedboat! You can sit back, relax and enjoy the ride, with no engine to deal with and no navigation to worry about. Like movie stars, you’ll arrive at your private donut boat with ample shade from the warm Caribbean sun. We anchor the boat at the best possible spot for a brunch at sea.

Enjoy snorkeling around your “little private island”

Join the colorful reef fish as they swim around your “private island” by using our snorkel gear and lifejackets to explore the water. You will fall in love with the beautiful underwater marine life. What could be better than just the two of you, snorkeling around your “little private island” in the crystal-clear waters of the Caribbean Sea.

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Our private brunch at sea is guaranteed to be the romantic highlight of your vacation in Aruba!
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Aruba private brunch at sea
Brunch on the Caribbean sea

Party Aruba style: party at sea!

There is always a good reason to throw a party. Like celebrating your vacation, a birthday, or a wedding coming up. Here in Aruba, we have a unique party spot for you. A chilled spot for every occasion with a lot of surprises. Forget about pool parties; it’s time for the best private party in the Caribbean. It’s time to party on the turquoise-blue Caribbean Sea!

An unforgettable party on a floating island

Imagine a private bar at sea, floating in a bay just off Aruba. You and your friends are cooling down in the crystal-clear water with a beer in your hands. Others are chatting on the comfortable, shaded couch. Meanwhile, some of your guests are admiring the exciting underwater world directly beneath the bar. Music playing, cold drinks, and tasty food at the bar.

This is the recipe for an unforgettable Caribbean party. A party that everybody will love!

The floating bar is a little private island where everyone feels comfortable. It allows your guests to chill “on land” or in the water, in the sun or in the shade. This makes it a perfect spot for every celebration, like a corporate party, a birthday party, a bachelor party, a graduation party, and many more.

For a party with a small, exclusive group of friends, one little private island is perfect. One floating bar seats up to six or up to ten people. Do you have a bigger party in mind? A private party for up to twenty-two people is possible, as we will open one or two more bars for you. Imagine all your friends partying at a couple of bars floating close to each other. You can go bar-hopping at sea!

The party starts with the speedboat ride

You have certainly been to a party before. And you probably arrived by taxi or bus. But have you ever gone to a party by speedboat? Well, this is your chance! Our professional crew will welcome you on the beach before directing you to a speedboat, which will bring you to your own private floating bar. It is an amazing trip, full speed, splashing water, and great views. A spectacular way to start and end your party at sea!

Turtles and fish love to party at sea, too

Time for some action? Put on your snorkel gear and discover the lively, happy world right beneath your floating bar. The sea is full of marine life. You can spot colorful reef fish and sometimes even sea turtles! They love to party at sea, too, but they do not like to be disturbed. So, just watch and admire them as they pass by. Cheers to the beautiful underwater world!

Aruba Party at sea
Party Aruba on a floating island

This is the dinner sunset cruise everyone is talking about. The sunsets are sure to amaze!

Secure a guaranteed private table for your party to enjoy a delicious dinner served tableside by our attentive crew. Island-style music and open sea views of Aruba scenic coast add to the ambience of this memorable experience.

Our Sunset Dinner is an island experience not to be missed.

A leisurely family/ friends getaway during your vacation. That is the best way to spend real quality time together. Even during your vacation, you may find yourselves too busy with all sorts of activities. Get out of the busy resort, leave the noisy bar. Discover a place where you can spend time together—just you and your family and dear friends. We have the perfect getaway spot for you!

Aruba’s highlights all in one place, waiting for you

Comfy seating, music, food, and drinks. All this in a tranquil setting. We have created a little private island just for you, where you and your family/ friends will not be disturbed. Well, maybe only by a passing turtle.

Set one foot on your floating island and time is completely yours. Have a good chat and a good laugh. Sit back and listen to your family/ friends adventures from last night. Enjoy some delicious food and cold drinks. It can even spontaneously turn into a family/ friends party at sea! This is spending quality time with your family/ friends. This is creating moments you will cherish forever!

A speedboat ride to remember

Even getting to your floating island is great to experience together. We deliver you to your ”island” by speedboat! Start to get in the mood and enjoy the big smiles of your family/ friends members. Our professional crew makes it a fun and safe ride.

When we arrive at your private island, we make sure you are completely comfortable. Enjoy your time together on a little floating island in the Caribbean Sea!