Your Private Table on the Water. Eat, Drink, Cruise.

People are going wild for this unique round boat. It hold’s it’s name by it’s specific form. Picture this: you and your friends are out on the water for a day of fun, but you’re hungry. You wish you could fire up the grill for some tasty burgers or ribs, but you’re on a boat, so you make do with the cooler of snacks you brought along! A day the you’ll not be ready to forget!

Made of fiberglass or high density polyethylene, the Aqua Donut Boat has a hard hull that you cannot puncture. The boat will not sink, even if it fills with water, so you will stay safe while you have a great time.

Family, Friends and Business.

Gear up for a day of leisurely fun with your very own floating, motorized, fiberglass donut. Perfect for couples, families or any group of up to 10 people, these smooth-riding, unsinkable round boats are are a breeze to drive.You won’t be traveling very fast, though, as it’s powered by a compact 5HP outboard engine. Upside: boating license not required!

Whether with friends, family or even with work mates, you will be sure to leave with unforgettable memories from Aruba. Not only does the Aqua Donut Boat provide days of family fun, it also is a great way to promote your business. Treat your employees, guests and clients to this unique experience. Because it is vividly eye-catching, on water or land, it draws attention wherever it is.

It’s time to enjoy a new experience.

You will receive operating instructions before beginning your adventure along the Aruba coastline and the calm, clear waters of the Caribbean. You will also be provided information on several wonderful places in the area to explore. Or, if you prefer, choose to have a captain accompany you, not just to drive but also to inform you about the island and find those special places best suited to your interests.

With a center table (with plenty of cup holders), an umbrella for shade, a ladder for easy entry and exit and a cooler full of ice, you’re ready to roll. You may choose between bringing your own food and drinks or take the option to order it in advance.

With this private rental, your time is your own to visit beautiful beaches, calm swimming spots, interesting snorkel locations or simply glide along the incomparable azure waters of Aruba.

All the donut fun without the donut calories! Contact us now to book your spots at our beautiful location and live a fun unforgettable moment!