You’ve Most Likely Been On A Boat … But You’ve Never Experienced This!

!NEW ON ARUBA! Rent Your Own AQUA DONUT BOAT Thanks to our first guests, who have had a fantastic time!

  • $50 per person, per hour. Minimum of 2 hours
  • Starting rate, there are always 3 people charged.
  • No boat license required! You are the captain!
  • Do you want a captain/ guide? $35 per hour.
  • Includes cool box with ice and bottles of water.
  • Eat and drink your own is permitted.
  • Check for the menu card.
  • Can be booked from 1 to 26 people.

-2x Aqua Donut 8 persons (maximum 800 KG)

-1x Aqua Donut 10 persons (maximum 1000 KG)