Rent a boat without a license in Aruba! Would you like to discover the caribbean sea from the water with family or friends? If so, book one of our three boats now and jump on board. If you want someone to drive the boat for you, you can add a captain for an additional fee. Thanks to the built-in air boxes, our rental boats will never sink, even if they fill up with water.

If you don’t have a boat of your own, but want to experience the caribbean sea. Contact Octopus the boat rental on Aruba for suggestions and tips for a great journey! Experience the unique view from the water by renting a boat from Octopus Aruba! Discover amazing places only accessible by water.

You’re the captain! You don’t need a navigation licence to rent a Aqua Donut boat from us; so you’ll be free to steer it yourself. We will give you clear instructions before letting you out onto the water and we are always available to discuss possible sailing routes with you. So, you can be sure that you’ll see the most beautiful parts of the caribbean sea. Here at Octopus Aruba, we have thought of everything you might need for a perfect day. We have the best sailing routes all mapped out for you on a waterproof map. If you have any problems while you’re out, don’t worry; you can always call us and we’ll help you get back on your way.

If you have any questions, check out our prices online or contact us for more information. We are always pleased to help you on your way (or onto the water … to be more accurate).