Here at Octopus Aruba we are 100% geared towards making sure that your experience with us is unique on several levels. Whether it is referring to customer service, the booking process, and the activities you can choose to do on board and at our beach hut!

One of these activities which can be added to any of our private and/or normal trips are our power-snorkeling devices!

These devices are made to enhance your snorkeling experience, whether you are on a private adventure or you are joining our Champagne Brunch or Afternoon Delight Sailing Snorkeling Tours with your family and friends! Made to be accessible and usable by both experienced and non-experienced swimmers, these devices are the ones for you!

On our general trips we make two snorkel stops at our beloved Boca Catalina Bay and the Antilla Ship Wreck. Both of these snorkel stops represent for us the complex history of Aruba as well as the beauty that it has to offer.

Grab your power-snorkels and experience the Antilla Ship wreck without becoming tired from the current and waves. Not an experienced swimmer? No problem. The Power- Snorkels give you the opportunity to have a magnificent experience. As long as you can hold your breath the power-snorkels can take you down a bit further so that you can get closer to the ship wreck and just glide through the water. Need some air? Release the button and they float! You will be brought back to the surface in no time.

Onto our next snorkel stop, our beautiful Boca Catalina Bay. The water is much more shallow here and the current is not strong, but as you can see in the video above, the power-snorkels give you the chance to see anything and everything there is under the water’s surface. Get up close and personal with Aruba’s infamous Black Coral! Don’t touch! It is endangered and we are very protective of our marine life. Say hello to the Royal French Angel Fish as you scooter past their beautiful fins and gaze upon the crystal water which is so clear it’s as if you can drink it!

Here in Aruba you have probably seen variations of these Power-Snorkels! The difference is that unlike the sea bobs our Power-Snorkels can be held underneath you, allowing you to snorkel and scooter throughout our underwater paradise as if you were a mermaid!

We hope that we can welcome you on board so that you can try these out! Let us make your adventure with Octopus Aruba one to remember.