Octopus Aruba says… If it’s a day in paradise you seek, your search is over.

Your captain and crew will see to it that you have a wonderful day in Aruba. Even novice snorkelers will delight in this tour, as the crew will provide instruction and personal attention to make sure you are comfortable in the water.

With over 25 years of sailing experience, the captain and first mate of the Octopus take great pride in the thrill of introducing delighted visitors to snorkeling and the relaxation of multi-hull sailing. They offer personalized service and attention–from snorkeling tips to special order meals–in order to create memories that will last a lifetime.

You won’t find jam-packed charter boats on this tour, this smooth-sailing trimaran glides across the sea’s surface en route to your snorkeling destination. Upon arrival, you’ll snorkel the calm waters of Catalina Bay for one of the most enjoyable hours of your vacation.

The crystal clear water, only 8-10 feet deep, is ideal for viewing the colorful tropical marine life that inhabit Aruba’s aqua-colored wonderland. Many species of coral, including brain and star coral, and a diverse population of fish, including parrotfish and blue tangs, are some of the beautiful creatures you’ll most likely encounter.

After exploring Aruba’s amazing marine environment, you’ll enjoy freshly-made sandwiches, fruit, and an open bar as you recline along the deck and take in the sea breezes as you, reluctantly, return to reality.