A Unique Boat Experience. Fun is redefined! Octopus Offer you a very different way to relax and lunch on the water. This floating restaurant table has an exchangeable ice cooler. With a maximum speed of 5-7 miles per hour, this is perfect for the calm Caribbean sea. Whether its breakfast or lunch, this is the best way to lunch with family and friends while floating on the caribbean sea.

No, our boats are not inflatables boats. Please note that they are all made of fiberglass, the same material used for boats.
They are very safe. They have been inspected and certified.
Even filled with water they do not sink. Enjoy our boats in safety!

Can you imagine yourself with 10 of your friends siting in a boat around a delicious lunch listening to your favorite music enjoying a wonderful caribbean sea?
This is now possible with Octopus Aruba Aqua Donut Boat!
You can reserve your place, starting now on our website: www.octopusaruba.com/aquadonut
You are going to be amazed by this splendid day!