Private Boat Aruba

The crew on private boat Aruba will have to hold you back once you see the crystal clear water surrounding Aruba. Our bar on board will allow you to toast to love and life. And give you an experience all will envy!

Speedboat tour

Boarding your private snorkeling trip or a sunset sailing in Aruba is 15 minutes prior start time at our beach hut which is located on Palm Beach between Playa Linda and Holiday Inn hotel. We offer pick-up and drop-off service free of charge from all High Rise Hotels. When your hotel is not located at High Rise area and you still prefer pick-up and drop-off service, it is possible at a cost. Please inform us in the booking details in the ‘Remark’ part if pick-up is preferred.

Cruise ship days

Important On cruise ship days, thousands of people are looking to do activities and tours sell out weeks or even months in advance. Secure your spot now! Please note children are welcome and infants under two cruise for free. This trip is not wheelchair accessible.

Aruba, the best part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands located in the southern Caribbean Sea. It is surrounded by gorgeous waters full of marine life and perfect beaches. With its warm weather and natural beauty, it’s no wonder that Aruba was named one of the top islands in the world.

As an island, you have to take advantage of renting a boat if you want to see all that Aruba has to offer. OctopusAruba will help you learn how to plan a private boat tour around Aruba so you can explore at your own best pace without worrying about other passengers or schedules.

Cruising around with private boat Aruba

Have a wonderful time with friends and family by cruising around Aruba in your private boat on a 26 ft Bayliner deck boat.

Create the perfect itinerary with your captain and enjoy a customized tour. Put on your snorkeling gear and descend under the crystal-clear turquoise waters and immediately find yourself transported into an underwater paradise on this fun and interactive water excursion.

Experienced captain

In these shallow waters of Catalina Bay you will brush up on your snorkeling skills as you spot angel fish, damsel fish and more swimming around sea fans and coral. New to snorkeling? Not a problem! Your experienced captain and guide will patiently work with you to make sure you have a safe and enjoyable experience.