Let us prove that your only job is letting go of all your worries.

For years, The Octopus has been sailing the crystal blue waters of Aruba. Previously owned by our captain Jethro, The Octopus was run with the motto that ‘Everyone guest is part of the Octopus Family’ and that motto is being carried throughout the company’s growth by new management. As we say in the United States, ‘New friends are Silver, and Old friends are Gold’. For us here at Octopus Aruba this holds a special meaning. We pride ourselves on being a family run business, through old and new management this is something that is constant. Our family outlook does not stop at management, this mindset and way of life is carried onto the boat, where everyone is welcome on the Octopus, and immediately becomes part of the Octopus family and is ‘Gold’. Through our mission and vision of the company we want to maximize our guests comfort & care, by offering the highest quality service on the island and by limiting the amount of guests we have on our trips. By doing so we are able to make sure that everyone’s adventure with Octopus Aruba is one that is specifically tailored to their needs.

Collecting memories and leaving wishes.

Our trimaran Sailing Yacht has been newly restored last year. By giving our boat a new face lift we have created comfortable seating to all of our guests with nets at the front for those who want to lie down, relax, and work on that tan! Shaded areas are present on both the right and left side of the boat for approximately 18 people with the opportunity to create more shade with our extra sail! Our maximum capacity on board allows for 45 people. In order to avoid mass tourism as present on other boats we make sure that everyone will always have a place on the Octopus whether you are on the nets or on our new lounge seats. Currently we have an average of 20 people on board for every trip, allowing our guests to have the space and freedom to enjoy their sail with us as if it was a private charter.

Are you looking for a boat charter which will allow you to de-stress and re-set?

Well, you have come to the right place. Octopus Aruba will provide you with the attentive service that you crave, leaving you with nothing to do but allow the crystal blue water of Aruba wash your worries away! Our crew is certified in Lifeguard, CPR, and first aid. Your safety is our priority and we will make sure that everyone of all ages is having a blast on our boat! We are currently upgrading and revamping our day trips and our private trips. By serving more exclusive tapas and appetizers on our champagne brunch, afternoon delight and our happy hour sunset sail we guarantee that you will not be disappointed. Our crew is always busy with making sure your cup will never be empty, you will always be smiling, and that you fall in love with our One Happy Island.