Octopus Aruba is bringing a whole new brunch experience

Instead of simply brunch by the waterfront, now you can actually brunch ON the water in a uniquely-shaped boat.

The speedboat trip and snorkeling add to the excitement and adventure.

Imagine a table set at sea. A table with the best possible view: the turquoise Caribbean water glistening in the sun and the beautiful coastline of Aruba in the background. With only the sound of the wind and some soft music, you’ll find yourselves immersed in your own little private island.
In this exclusive setting, we serve you a tasteful American brunch with Scrambled egg with bacon, Sausage, Pastechi ham and cheese and 2 x Pistolet with jam and butter. Let us know your preferences in advance, and we’ll be sure to add your favorite delicacies.

Arrive in style by speedboat

For a brunch this unique, you simply have to arrive in style. That’s why we deliver you to your table by speedboat! You can sit back, relax and enjoy the ride, with no engine to deal with and no navigation to worry about. Like movie stars, you’ll arrive at your private donut boat with ample shade from the warm Caribbean sun. We anchor the boat at the best possible spot for a brunch at sea.

Enjoy snorkeling around your “little private island”

Join the colorful reef fish as they swim around your “private island” by using our snorkel gear and lifejackets to explore the water. You will fall in love with the beautiful underwater marine life. What could be better than just the two of you, snorkeling around your “little private island” in the crystal-clear waters of the Caribbean Sea.

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Aruba private brunch at sea
Brunch on the Caribbean sea