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What is an Aqua Donut Boat?

An Aqua Donut is a circular boat (similar to that deep fried, glazed treat we all love to indulge, from time to time). It can’t sink, even when full of water. This boat is a floating device powered by a motor and made from high performance fiberglass, allowing it to glide seamlessly across the sparkling turquoise sea with you as captain. We will instruct you how to operate the boat and the outboard motor and you can rent the Aqua Donut boat without a boat license. It will only take 5 minutes to get the instructions, easy as that. If you prefer a captain, of course that is possible as well. Enjoy the beautiful Caribbean Sea with your lover, friends or family or all at the same time. We can provide your favorite drinks & snacks on the boat. Aruba is most known for it’s relaxed atmosphere and the Aqua Donut Boat is the most relaxed way to explore the Caribbean sea. So it is a match made in heaven.

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– Sail with the Aqua Donut Boat, be with those who make you smile, and laugh as much as you breathe. –
Below you can read which beautiful places you can visit with the boat rental.


Your Aqua Donut Adventure starts in this area. The renowned two-mile-long strip known as Palm Beach Aruba is home to glamorous high-rise hotels in Aruba and dotted by water sports concessions, piers, beach bars, restaurants and shops. Calm waters make this a comfortable haven for swimmers, snorkelers and the Aqua Donut Boat. Sailing along the coast is perfect for relaxation during your Caribbean vacation. Enjoy the beautiful waters, underwater world or the sunset or enjoy delicious food and drinks on the Aqua Donut this can be the perfect end to a lazy or exciting day of sun and sea.

Octopus Aruba


Malmok Beach in Aruba is a narrow sandy stretch that interrupts the limestone and rocky terrace along Malmok’s coast . Its shallow clear Caribbean waters make it a popular snorkeling spot in Aruba. Here you can stop with the Aqua Donut boat for a snorkel stop near the shoreline. Reefs and sunken wrecks nearby afford excellent diving in Aruba.
Malmok Beach is also the name of a residential area with sprawling homes and a variety of modest windsurfing residences in Aruba. The main road through the Malmok Beach area is leading to the famous California Lighthouse, Tierra del Sol 18-hole golf course, Arashi Beach and other Aruba landmarks and activities. During early morning and late afternoon hours the Malmok Beach road is a popular venue in Aruba for outdoor activities. Both locals and tourists hit the road biking and hiking for their daily workout.

Octopus Aruba
Natural bridge Aruba
Boca Catalina Aruba


Tres Trapi is a small cove off Malmok that has a very rustic set of 5 stairs down to a charming little beach. Which is one of the most unique snorkeling spots in the Caribbean. From the beach, you can swim over to some caves for snorkeling, or stay out in the open water which is clear and calm. It’s called Tres Trapi, “3 Steps”, because of the rock made stairway to the water. While there aren’t many fish here compared to the other snorkeling beaches on this list, there are a lot of colorful sea stars found all throughout Tres Trapi. These beautiful creations make Tres Trapi a unique and attractive snorkeling spot. This location in one word? Magical. The water here is so clear that you can stand on the rocks and see fish swim below you in the water! The water here is also extremely quiet, it is the perfect place to just anchor your Aqua Donut and float around?

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Boca Catalina on Aruba is a small, secluded bay in Malmok beach. The white sandy beach is accessible via stairs or of course with your own Aqua Donut Boat. A popular stop for snorkeling tours because of the variety of sea life located here, including palometas swimming near the shores, trunkfish and sergeant majors. When you venture a bit deeper into the sea you will see some big colorful fishes and corals, and don’t be surprised if you spot a turtle at Boca Catalina swimming in front of you. The crystal clear and calm water makes this the perfect location to make your private dive from your Aqua Donut Boat. Boca Catalina is a popular beach and attracts a fun mix of local families and tourists, especially during weekends.

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Octopus catamaran in front of Boca Catalina
Underwater world with yellow fish at Aruba


Not far from Boca Catalina you’ll find Catalina Cove, one of Aruba’s best snorkeling beaches featuring beautiful white sands, clear waters and plenty of fish to admire. The best way to get there is by entering the water at Boca Catalina and then to swim up north. Popular fishes at Catalina Cove are blue tangs, bar jacks and barred hamlets. The fishes at Catalina Cove are known for hiding near rocks so you’ll need to swim along the edge of the coves to see these beautiful creatures.

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Powder soft white sand, superb snorkeling in peaceful water and turtles! Do you need anything else? One of the northernmost beaches on the island. Most days the sea is very calm. The lagoon is safe to snorkel, not that deep. You will find colorful tropical fish like French Angelfish and Blue Striped Snappers. Also some hard corals, and plenty of soft corals, sea fans. The reef is the nicest on the right side of the beach, approx. 200 meters from shore. This area is recommended for advanced snorkelers. It could be difficult to navigate between the corals in the relatively shallow water, and swim back to the shore if there is any current. Turtles can be spotted on the left side of the bay, search for sea grass patches!

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Eagle Beach Aruba