Is it the birthday, the party or the wedding of you a friend or a member of your family? Are you looking for the most unusual and the nicest gift? Do you want to be sure that your present will leave incredible lasting memories? Do you want your guest to be free to decide when to use that gift? Octopus Aruba has the ideal solution to make an unforgettable gift! Let’s surprise your guest by offering an amazing cruise aboard our Aqua Donut boats. Thanks to you, your guest will be the captain of his own boat!

An example of gift voucher Two hours, three hours, half a day or a full day navigating aboard a five, seven or ten-persons? It’s up to you! You just have to choose the right gift-coupon. Once you have offered your gift, your guest has just to call or e-mail us to book the date for the cruise! So… for your parties, weddings or birthdays, do not hesitate and offer a unique navigation experience!