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Project Description

Spyder Tour

Here in this happy island Aruba we doing fun tours with SPYDERS!
Come and joint us on this new attraction. You will see Aruba in a different way and see all the amazing things and places on this beautiful island. This adventure it’s for everyone and safety so don’t miss it and enjoy!

FROM 8:30 AM – 12:30 PM

FROM 2:00 PM – 6:00 PM

We will take you to one of Aruba’s scenic trademarks, where you’ll get a 360 degree view of the island and where you can appreciate the difference between the east and west sides, both striking and beautiful in their own ways.

The tour will take you to one of Aruba’s rock formations where you can access to the top and enjoy the stunning view and peaceful ambience; here you will be delighted by one of Aruba’s best natural landscapes.
The tour also covers a part of the island with a lot of colonial history, where you can learn more about the Gold Rush of Aruba’s past. In this part of Aruba you will be able to enjoy a great 360 degree view of the green vegetation and southern natural landscapes of Aruba, this place is also a hidden gem which you’ll be able to see only with Dushi Tours.
On the road we will visit Aruba’s most famous beaches, the ones you always see on magazines, where you’ll have the opportunity to enjoy its clear blue water and white sand landscapes. Our tours also take you to beaches only known by locals where you’ll see the mixture of the blue contrast of the water with the green scenery of the plants surrounding the beach, such as mangroves.
Afterwards the tour will take you to the breathtaking landscapes of the Southern shores, where the mixture of the rocky terrain and the rough sea makes a perfect balance of nature that will satisfy your needs for adventure. Around this area there are several beaches which we will visit, each one of them with their own beautiful and unique landscapes.
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