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Get a thrill of the safari with our Jeep tours!

It is always fun to explorer the Happy Island by Jeep. We offer 2 different Jeep Tours:

Aruba Safari Jeep Tour
Aruba hides numerous attractions in its depths. We let you explore the hidden gems and enjoy fun-filled adventures in Aruba with our tailored island tour. This includes free entrance to the Arikok National Park along with a driver/guide to enlighten you about the significant places and traditions around the place. Customize your travel plans around the Natural Bridge, Bushiribana Gold Ruins, Casibari, Ayo Rock Formation and other such famous landmarks. Or do you have other plans in mind?

Just let us know and we will work with you to provide you with a customized tour.

Avail the benefits of pickup and drop off facilities, non-alcoholic drinks, snorkel equipment and fresh towels, for 4 passengers in the luxurious 6-seated Jeep Wrangler. You will be picked up at start time of tour at start location.

Aruba Outback Safari Tour
We’ll take you out deep into to Aruba’s outback’s and into the REAL Aruba outdoors for a full tour of adventure & exploration. Let us take your breath away with the most spectacular scenery on the entire island.

Start your Outback Safari Tour from your hotel or place of staying followed by an outback adventure to the following destinations ; The lighthouse, Alto Vista Chapel, Baby Bridges, Wariruri Beach, Bushiribana Ruins, Shark Bay, Andicuri Beach, Three Bridges, Black Stone Beach, Arikok National Park, Ayo Rock Formation and the Natural Pool.

On the Outback Safari Tour, you’ll be guided by one of our experienced and expert tour guides whom will make you happy in all what you see and give you all the answers to your questions on all the outdoor beauty which you will see.

An excellent wildlife sightseeing opportunity and so much to do & discover in just a few hours!

Get ready to travel to the heart of Aruba to experience an eye-opening journey with an incredible Outback Safari Tour. If getting in touch with nature and island life is your goal, then this adventure is definitely for you. The Outback Safari Tour includes complimentary non-alcoholic beverages, local snacks, free entrance to Arikok National Park. Free pickup and drop-off from and to your accommodation.

Safari Jeep Tour

  • Jeep has 4 doors and 6 seats
  • Free entrance to Arikok National Park
  • Included: Driver/Guide, Nonalcoholic drinks, pick up and drop off
  • Jeep for 1 to 6 passengers for 3 hours – $300
  • Jeep for 1 to 6 passengers for 4 hours – $400
  • Jeep for 1 to 6 passengers for 5 hours – $450
  • Jeep for 1 to 6 passengers for 6 hours – $500
  • Jeep for 1 to 6 passengers for 7 hours – $550
  • Jeep for 1 to 6 passengers for 8 hours – $600

Outback Safari Tour

  • Available 7 days a week
  • Free entrance to Arikok National Park
  • Included: Driver/Guide, local snacks, pick up and drop off
  • Morning Tour – 8:30AM – 1PM
  • PM Tour – 2PM 6:30PM
  • $95 per adult
  • $60 per child
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