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Octopus Private Charter

Your charter will be customized to your wishes, from setting the itinerary with the captain. Your wish is our command!
The ultimate celebration of your wedding, birthday, bachelor party or corporate event or reserve the boat just for your significant other and you.

Types of Drinks on board
Minimum Crew members
Minimum hour of private sailing

At Octopus Sailing Aruba we believe that sailing should be fun, easy, and worry-free allowing you to create memories with family and friends. You deserve the freedom to relax & enjoy. We have more than 30 years experience in our destination and we always do our best to make your holidays unforgettable. Enjoy the beautiful blue waters of the Caribbean, let us provide you our excellent service for that perfect moment. No matter if it is only you and your fellow traveler or it’s a big party, we will offer you the best catamaran for your needs.


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"Our Charter last evening was an absolute DREAM! In addition to being expert sailors, Sebastiaan and Roche were consummate hosts - they pleasantly refilled drinks, played great tunes, and made sure everyone was having a nice time. It was a very relaxed 2 hours, and they occasionally "interrupted" conversation (in quotes because it was welcome) to point out particularly beautiful views, special features, and highlights. We can't wait to get out on the water again!"


"There is no other sailing service in Aruba that is as pleasant to sail with as Octopus. Their website is incredibly easy to use for booking a private charter, which was the first indication to me that these guys are professional and know what they're doing. My suspicions were confirmed when we arrived at the Boat and were led to the boat by Silvia, who continued to provide excellent service for our 3-hour Family Day sail. Very attentive service and very relaxed atmosphere. The boat itself is beautiful, and our captain Sebastiaan was an absolute pleasure to sail with. He let us steer the boat and had a fun talk with us, but he also let us alone to do our own thing. It was just so relaxing. They also have an excellent sound system on the boat and we played our own music the whole time. It is not worth looking anywhere else if you want a peaceful and professional experience. These guys know what they're doing and will take great care of you. My family and I cannot wait to find an excuse to go sailing again with them."



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